Kornelius Krindervogg
Vital statistics
Title "The Amazing Krindervogg"
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Unaligned
Health Lazy
Level Heroic
Status Exceedingly Well-Groomed
Location all up in yo grill

Kornelius Krindervogg is the greatest wizard the world has ever known.

The world just doesn't know it yet.

Kornelius is in his early twenties, with a bit of a paunch that betrays his fondness for blowing his paychecks on fine food beyond his station. His strawberry-blonde hair is wavy, and usually tamed with pomade; he wears a van dyke beard and twirly swashbuckler moustache. Generally wearing rather expensive clothing, Kornelius can't stand to get his wardrobe or effects soiled.


Although Kornelius was born to humble origins as the second son of a brickmaker in a small town, he knew from a young age he was meant for greater things. Whilst his siblings were busy mixing clay and manure to make bricks, Kornelius dreamed of the wider world. At the age of eleven, he showed an aptitude for things magical, and left behind his parents and six siblings to be apprenticed to a wizard called Fenzanian the Marvelous. Kornelius' new master put him to work doing menial and hard labor, and strung him along with occasional magic lessons. Hours after sunset each night, when Kornelius had completed his myriad chores, he would pore over Fenzanian's books, filling his head with ancient lore and tales of things arcane.

When Kornelius was fifteen, after a rather vocal disagreement with his master, he set out on his own. He was still a mere apprentice, but his talent for the theatrical and willingness to lie boldly allowed him to live on the road, doing odd jobs here and there, and using his magical talents to make whatever work he took as easy as possible. In time, he saved up enough gold to assemble his collection of fine clothes and accessories, which would assist him in convincing the world that he was a man to be respected, a wizard to be feared - not the lazy son of a brickmaker.

Character GoalsEdit

Amass enough money and reputation to feel like he has succeeded in life - essentially, to get filthy rich, preferably by legal means if possible, and to be a wizard of reknown (which is not necessarily the same as being a wizard of great skill).

Kornelius is driven in all things by his own insecurities, generally (over)compensating by being a little arrogant, a little mendacious, and generally lazy.