Vael RaskinnEdit

Vael Raskinn is a shadar-kai rogue of Raven Queen.


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Vael's earliest memories are when he stowed away on the ship called the Dreaming Fox that landed in Pikvar. when he landed he was surprised of the hustle of the streets of the city, He made his way off the docks and began looking for work. Many of the stores had no need for this orphan who seemed a little off. For several weeks had passed and Vael lived in a alley behind one of the local taverns. He would scrounge for food and other enmities that he needed to keep warm. during the nights. Winter would soon be coming so Vael would have to find a job or take to more drastic measures. Still no luck in the job department Vael decided to take his life to the next level.

Vael was always quick with his fingers and began to pick nobles pockets from the dock area. People come and go all the time at the docks no one was ever the wiser. soon Vael had a full belly and a place to live. He Rented a room in the tavern that he spend many of cold nights. He did this to remember why he started doing this to make him feel better. He goes down to the tavern common room to hear stories of heroes.

Vael and the Thieves Guild. Currently at this time Vael is not part of the Thieves guild but they do know he exists. The guild has made one advance to recruit Vael but Vael seemed oblivious to their approach. In reality Vael steals to survive and rarely takes more then he needs so doesn't see a reason to join a guild.

Vael and the Authorities The Authorities know about Vael but haven't chose to act. He doesn't steal more then what he needs and catching him would be pointless because there cells would not be able to hold him. They are aware of his shadow jaunt ability and are not prepared to contain him. There are other larger fish to focus on rather then some street urchin.

Journal of Vael RaskinnEdit

Written in Native Language

Today was very interesting made some large head way into a nice savings, was offered 50 gold to steal a wizards book. it was very simple two individuals helped without even knowing. they later went to the tavern where I rent I bought them drinks and a whore to thank them for the added help it was the least I can do. The group had a warforge among them which is interesting I've only heard tales about them. shortly after two women came into the tavern.. too prissy to be in the tavern for their own good, I tried to move them along but they refused so oblivious I had to get them their stolen items back. They are too oblivious for their own health in this town. If It wasn't for me I could see them getting themselves killed. the one chick brandish a longsword like that means anything not going to stop a bar full of brutes. yes she might be able to strike one or two down but doubt she can take on 20 miscreants. shortly after my words with the ladies a felt a rumbling down stairs sounded like the idiot mage that lives down in the cellar was up to no good. we all decided to go down stairs. well after some stupid traps.. btw spears hurt and some diseased rats we found the whore and the mage dead. he summoned some creature and it killed him, no signs of the creature there but it took his heart. I decided that living at that tavern was now bad for my health being infested with diseased rats ohh and did I forget to mentioned a minion of a dark god. I offered to cover the expenses for the others to stay at a new higher class tavern for the safety of the two chicks. Asked the two men to help me protect the chicks because while in this port town they are going to get into all types of trouble I can see it now. Going to have to step up my thieving to cover the expenses. the one chick seems to be a expensive little wench needing to drink specialty wine... uggh Raven Queen I will thank you for a quick death when the time comes after dealing with these two chicks.